Xerox Copier Review

This digital copier company was founded in 1906, but it didn’t officially become Xerox Corporation until the name was changed in 1961. Now Xerox has become a huge business, with over 130,000 employees. Beginning with the Haloid Xerox 914, Xerox has proceeded to become one of the top copier companies of today. They now serve in 160 countries across the globe. Xerox as a brand is known for the durability of its printers, which have upgrading abilities to increase their functioning abilities. These machines are built with great paper handling. Their excellent quality leads them to be one of the more expensive brands, but they provide a reliable product. Copiers from xerox vary from small to large, each one made for a certain size of business. If necessary, they can be purchased with a wide range of extra features, from automatic stapling to Wi-Fi connections. Xerox produces printers with the capacity to print larger pieces of paper, and hold more paper at a time. If your business is interested in purchasing a Xerox copier, you can find one that will suit your paper size needs. Xerox is a good brand for small businesses who only need a small, reliable copier and for large businesses that want something that will be able to perform multiple tasks. However, it may not be one for businesses looking to purchase something simple at a very low cost. Xerox has been ranked well along with Konica Minolta and Ricoh for impressive production printers with good speeds and color quality. Altogether, this brand has enjoyed an excellent reputation for its product. One plus that many customers point out after getting a Xerox copier is how quietly they perform. These copiers have little difficulty continuing a project in an area with an unstable power source. Unfortunately there is an area of the Xerox brand with low quality. The customer service department has received several complaints for its lack of effectiveness. The great product that Xerox creates is contrasted with its difficult help and support.

RingCentral VOIP Service

RingCentral has been ranked as one of the top VOIP phone system providers, up there next to Nextiva, Vonage, and 8×8. They became a provider in 2003, and they have excelled as a VOIP business altogether. Unfortunately, they do not excel in every category. Number one, RingCentral provides their consumer good-quality customer service, but when stacked up against providers like Nextiva and Mitel, their support, particularly for small businesses, is slightly lacking. Customer service is one of the most important things for us when we’re researching current VOIP providers, and RingCentral has a great reputation for the US-based portion of its support system, but this is only provided for larger clients. In all the ways RingCentral stands out amongst other providers, it’s a little harsh to criticise its quality of customer service, which is overall satisfactory. Number two, the RingCentral’s pricing is usually higher than that of other providers. In fact, it can be difficult to find a price more comparable to others without getting locked into a full year contract. Month to month payments, and payments for clients with less than twenty users are more expensive. Still, there are multiple ways RingCentral has earned the reputation it has among providers. One of the biggest reasons is the ease of use. The RingCentral interface is clean and straightforward, making it easily navigated by a person with little experience with VOIP systems. The setting up of other providers can be complicated, but RingCentral makes sure that the process is clear and painless with its instructional videos. They have all the features you’ll need to get started, and more that will be useful as you become more accustomed to the system. One of these is an advanced mobile app, with a menu of call tools that pops up whenever a call is made, allowing you to have tools like call recording and call transferring available at any time. Altogether, the RingCentral VOIP provider is an excellent choice, but it is especially recommended for large businesses, because of its pricing and favorable conditions for larger clients.

Nextiva VOIP Systems

Nextiva has distinguished itself as a leading provider for VOIP phone systems. This U.S. based company has been serving businesses since 2008, and now serves more than 100,000 businesses across the country. With their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, their mission is to become lead the market for unified communication for businesses, stressing the importance of customer service and support. When compared with RingCentral, Nextiva prices are better and more affordable for large businesses. Their systems are slightly more difficult to operate, but their customer support exceeds expectations. The RingCentral system user interface is definitely more welcoming than that of the Nextiva brand, especially to a beginning consumer. Still, the importance of good quality customer service outweighs the drawbacks of the system. The customer service of Nextiva and Vonage are very comparable. There are other advantages to the Nextiva brand like the absence of a contract or activation fee, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Their app comes with great features, and the system performs well overall. However, consumers are required to pay an additional fee every month for mobile service, and there is no free Nextiva trial available. Every Nextiva plan includes unlimited calling and faxing, unlimited long distance, caller ID, intercom, call forwarding, call waiting, 100% US-based customer support, and more. Many features are available with standard plans, but call queuing and conference calling require more advanced plans. There are additional costs for international calling as well, and Nextiva business phone systems do not operate with as many devices as other brands, which could also be a downside. Nextiva offers cloud-based or self-hosted systems, whichever would suit your businesses needs and help you to be more efficient. Altogether, Nextiva is a great business phone provider choice for businesses of any size, with fair pricing and constant, quality customer support.

Vonage VOIP Systems

Vonage has been given a high ranking among VOIP providers, similar in quality to RingCentral, Ooma, and even Nextiva. Vonage has been an innovative VOIP company since the very beginning. In 2003 they were the first company to offer a VOIP platform for 911 calls, and in 2004 Vonage and Circuit City were the first to offer VOIP services in retail stores across the nation. Today they continue to improve their tech, including the release of a mobile Vonage app that functions on a phone or a smart watch. Support for your VOIP system is available for 12 hours on weekdays, and they’re always there for emergency support at other hours when someone needs it. Vonage offers many desirable call features, but most come with an additional cost. Call grouping, call queueing, and internet faxing are all features that can be added onto the standard plan. Although they charge extra for features, they provide a portable adapter device for free with your plan. Vonage customers can get a free app for mobile phones, which gives you the option of accessing your system from anywhere. Vonage offers some top of the line new features for it’s customers. A virtual receptionist, one of the most popular additions, is an automated call attendant that can be used for several different purposes to create simple paths for each type of customer to get ahold of the correct department of your business. Another popular feature is the ability to fax without paper. This allows you to send and receive faxes at your desk or with your mobile. Not only will it save you time, it will also save you the money you would have spent on paper and ink with a regular fax machine. Although Vonage targets medium to large businesses as well, they mainly focus on hosted systems for small businesses. So, for small businesses especially, Vonage is highly recommended for their reasonable pricing and great ease of use.

Jive VOIP Review

Jive Communications is another well known VOIP company, especially geared toward businesses. The company was founded in 2006, and for more than a decade they have strived to provide the most advanced, high quality VOIP systems for businesses and institutions in the U.S. Support is available all day every day for Jive customers. Their technicians are responsive and capable, keeping things worry-free for their consumers. For questions regarding system set-up or operating, Jive offers a thorough “knowledgebase” on their website.This knowledgebase is a collection of information and tutorials for the consumers’ benefit. Jive ranks very high in the category of customer support, even when compared to some of the more popular VOIP providers. Jive’s products include Jive Voice, Jive Video, Jive Contact Center, and Jive Applications. Jive Voice is a cloud-based phone system. You get all the positive factors of a VOIP system, without having to deal with the technicalities of a self-hosted system. Jive Voice automatically comes with unlimited phone features for no added fee. These features include auto attendants, call queues, call recording, virtual fax, voicemail to email, and more. The availability of all the offered features for no extra cost is a big plus side to choosing this provider. Jive Video, the second product offered, is an extra function that can be useful for some businesses. The cost is separate from the cost of Jive Voice, but some companies benefit greatly by employees being able to conference face to face in different locations. However, there are many applications available that could be used in the place of this one. Altogether, Jive Communications offers products for every size of business, and they offer few options for anyone looking to get a system for their home. Jive is very business-focused, making it a good option if you are looking to get a VOIP system for your company.

Ooma Office VOIP System Review

Ooma Office has often been ranked as one of the top VOIP providers. Experts have especially recommended this system for small businesses. This is because it allows many small companies the benefit of a convenient, professional VOIP system, while staying within a small budget. Ooma provides a great quality service, which has been praised equally with that of RingCentral, another high-end VOIP provider. The price of this business phone system is reasonable for the service provided, but there is also an adapter device that customers are required to purchase. Some small business employees have complained that purchasing this adapter makes the upfront cost for Ooma Office too much. However, the standard monthly rates that continue after that purchase provide you with a machine with impressive sound quality, even when compared with other top brands. The maximum amount of lines one can use through the Ooma Office system is twenty, which again favors businesses that are smaller and would need it for less. Another one of the complaints that comes in against this provider is that they lack some of the features you’d get with another service. They offer many standard options, including an automated receptionist, extension dialing, call logs, hold music, ring groups and call transfering. Still, when compared with Vonage or RingCentral, Ooma Office comes in with notably less features and add-ons that some enterprises find useful. Other small businesses will consider those “bells and whistles” completely unnecessary, in which case the price will persuade them to seriously consider Ooma Office. Another point in favor of this system, is that they don’t lock you into a contract, so those of you who are not sure about VOIP, or about this provider specifically, will rest easy knowing that the service can be terminated if necessary. After you have purchased the adapter, the system takes around twenty minutes to set-up. Ooma has made sure that with the help of their staff installing a new system is painless for the customer. Again, this provider is especially recommended for small businesses as a simple, reliable, low cost system.

Mitel VOIP Service

Mitel has become one of the leading brand names in VOIP business phones. They pride themselves on offering a wide variety of phone types, from basic, affordable systems for low-budget businesses to advanced, sophisticated systems for larger companies. Their selection of MyVoice business phones provide a modern system for any size of business with a large quantity of available features to enhance the phone performance. Mitel was launched in 1972, after their founders were unsuccessful in starting a lawnmower company. In 1981, they achieved the 100 million dollar annual revenue mark, and they still continue to grow today. They are a pioneer in the Cloud Communications market, taking steps towards becoming one of the largest VOIP providers available. Oxne of the first things we look for in a VOIP provider is good customer service, and Mitel has good reviews for this. When compared with Nextiva or RingCentral, all three providers offer phone support and online support, but Mitel does not offer video tutorials, which some businesses find helpful. Mitel phone services are fairly straightforward. There are different services, but for each one there are no “add-ons” or premium versions of that service. However, it’s almost impossible to get an idea of what the price will be for your business, without getting a quote. The cost varies so much from one situation to another, that they must find a service that will exactly fit your needs. Getting quotes from providers is what we can help you with. Also, because the service fit is so specific, Mitel does not offer a free trial. This can be daunting for businesses who aren’t sure and may not want to commit to a full contract yet. Some of them find it to be a good decision, however, for the feature-rich service that Mitel provides. Nextiva does not offer some of the features Mitel does, but we recommend going through the lists of features provided by each provider, to make sure that you’ll have access to what you need. Several feature available through RingCentral are not available through Mitel and vice versa. Mitel is committed to finding solutions for increased ease of use and service value. For businesses large and small, the cost of these systems may be more than that of other providers, but if the service quality and features fit you, then it will be worth it.

Cerner EMR Software Review

Cerner is one of the leading Electronic Health Record systems. Cerner has both an acute component and an ambulatory component. Unlike many competitors, Cerner offers one chart to span both inpatient and outpatient. Epic EMR offers this now, and athenahealth is just coming to market with a comparable system.

Cerner has a strong reputation for the charting components, and has a stronger lab module than Epic. The inpatient and outpatient modules work together seamlessly.

As a result, Cerner has been successful in winning major contracts, building a large presence across the country, and winning a massive, competitive Department of Defense contract.

Cerner is weaker on the billing side, so organizations considering Cerner should carefully evaluate the billing aspects of the software. If the system meets all other needs satisfactorily, it may make sense to implement a secondary, best-of-breed solution for billing and receiving.

SnapGuidance provides a free guide and quotes for leading EHR systems that match your requirements. See the form on the right for more information.


Epic’s EMR is based on the same database technology used by MEDITECH, but it has far out-paced it’s cousin in industry growth.

The system has an integrate ambulatory component, which has allowed it to displace many standalone acute and outpatient EHR systems.

However, the upfront and ongoing costs are out of reach for smaller hospitals and independent clinics. The company is now seeing some growth in the smaller site sector, as their current clients are implementing in the CAH and small site space, as extensions of the larger health system.

Time will tell whether Epic will be able to continue to dominate and grow with the same trajectory. MEDITECH now has an integrated solution available, and athenahealth is quickly spinning up an acute competitor.

iSolved Time – Quest and TimeForce Profile

iSolved Time is a product out of QQuest and TimeForce, giving them a launch with over 60,000 employers and two million users.


Infinisource is the company that owns and offers iSolved. While they provide human capital management solutions, iSolved is specifically focused on capturing time and attendance data.


The tools in their iSolved platform include the ability to track from mobile devices, standard time clocks, and web portals. The basic features are similar to any other time and attendance company – for example, employees can view accruals, request time off, and view their pay stubs.
This is a cloud-based service, which can help you be up and running quicker with less IT work required upfront. The company manages the servers, upgrades and patches, etc., and the employer can manage policies, schedules, and time approval from an online access portal.