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The Brother copier brand has a long-standing reputation for reliability and overall customer satisfaction.


Established in 1958 in Europe, Brother developed the world’s first high speed dot matrix printer in 1971.This brand has been in the printer/scanner business since then, and their copier designs have consistently remained above average when compared to other top printer companies.


Brother has certainly become a well-known brand, one of the first that will come up when you’re looking for a new printer, scanner, copier, or a combination of the three. The only possible weakness Brother shows when put against the competition is the below average image quality that their digital copiers produce.


Still, this is a great brand to be considering if you’re looking for a quick, convenient copier.


Another bonus is how quietly Brother’s products run. The copiers are especially recommended for businesses that do not require printing or scanning images. Although the standard quality of the images scanned in by a Brother scanner is lower than that of other brands, some Brother brand printers and scanners have a much larger maximum memory space than others. They have the ability to create images faster than the printers you might get from another company, but they will usually have a lower quality.


The Brother copier brand provides a product with a good warranty and a secure, trusted network connection, and for some businesses, their fast-working machinery is key in document production and scanning. Brother’s famous all-in-one printers have the ability to scan, copy, print, and fax as well as perform many other tasks, all with a single machine.


Now with their corporate headquarters in New Jersey, United States, Brother is currently selling products largely online but also through a variety of locations worldwide.


The Brother brand excels as far as all measurements of reliability go, and though the service quality of this brand is not perfect, it certainly isn’t below average.


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