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Cerner is one of the leading Electronic Health Record systems. Cerner has both an acute component and an ambulatory component. Unlike many competitors, Cerner offers one chart to span both inpatient and outpatient. Epic EMR offers this now, and athenahealth is just coming to market with a comparable system.

Cerner has a strong reputation for the charting components, and has a stronger lab module than Epic. The inpatient and outpatient modules work together seamlessly.

As a result, Cerner has been successful in winning major contracts, building a large presence across the country, and winning a massive, competitive Department of Defense contract.

Cerner is weaker on the billing side, so organizations considering Cerner should carefully evaluate the billing aspects of the software. If the system meets all other needs satisfactorily, it may make sense to implement a secondary, best-of-breed solution for billing and receiving.

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Fair software, challenge for doctors.