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The Epson copier brand is well-known for its reliability and product quality.

Epson’s “parent” company, Daiwa Kogyo, was established in 1942 and quickly gained an excellent reputation for their construction of watch parts. In 1968, they released the world’s first miniprinter, the EP (Electronic Printer) 101. Epson, the “son” of EP, was established to create the “next generation” of printers, as they continue to do today. They released their first commercial ink-jet printer in 1984 and continued innovating towards the creation of even more sophisticated digital copiers. Finally, in August of 2015, Epson introduced their new line of all-in-one copy machines, the EcoTank Supertank printers. When compared with a copier brand like Brother, Epson products are often less cost-effective when purchasing for personal use.

However, Epson surpasses Brother with their dependable high-quality printers for businesses which are going to get a lot of use out of them. If you’re looking to purchase a copier for yourself or your home office, the Brother brand is preferable. The Epson brand is better if you are going to need the copier for a larger business that will require a constant supply of printed documents.

Compared with other brands, Epson receives significantly low numbers of complaints. Epson customers are satisfied with their product’s dependability and few problems overall. In the category of image quality, Epson ranks far above Samsung and HP, and surpasses those two companies in network connectivity as well.

Unfortunately for the Epson copier brand, Brother and Canon do score higher in the area of customer service. Still, Epson’s service is certainly not below average, and their products are above average. The Epson WorkForce series has especially received praise for the quality and reliability of the impressive business products.

As a global corporation, Epson believes in exceeding standards. They aim to contribute not only towards the progress of printing and visual communications, but also towards the health and safety of their customers.


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