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GE’s offerings are an assortment of EHR systems, purchased and rebranded under the Centricity name. There is no inpatient option, so this system makes the most sense for independent practices.

GE has a robust practice management and charting system. Their forms include everything needed to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Centricity uses HTML and MEL-based forms. The freedom to create your own forms has historically been a strength. However, some of that advantage is lost as clinics work to meet PQRS and MU standards. They have to standardize forms to ensure data collection leads to populating the right fields for GE’s proprietary CQR reporting registry.

Easy EHR customization may be more of a limitation today than a feature.

The CQR reporting platform makes reporting to CMS easy, once the system has been configured to collect data in the correct fields.

The Oracle version (Centricity Physician Office) continues to receive version updates and service packs, but appears to be on life support.

The SQL platform (Centricity Practice Solution) has an updated user interface, and appears to be their preferred platform going forward. The PM and EMR integration is only available on this platform.


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