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The Konica Minolta copier brand provides a high performance copy machine at a very competitive price.


A portion of the Konica Minolta copier company has been around since the 1870s, and it still exists as one of the top copier companies today for its quality products and passionate customer-centered system. Konica was started in 1873, as a photographic and lithographic company. Years later, in 1928, Minolta began camera production in Japan. Minolta’s first digital copy machine, the Minolta Copymaster, was released in 1960, and finally the two companies merged in 2003. It was a great business move to combine their leading technology and business styles.


Konica Minolta continues today to make a long-lasting trust between them and their customers the top priority. In fact, the company has been recognised as the #1 brand for customer loyalty for multiple years in a row. It has also received honors for reliability, service training, and easy maintenance.


This brand is praised most for cost-effectiveness of its machines. Konica Minolta creates a copier that will perform well for any size of business, for a price that is attainable even for businesses with budget concerns. The copier speed is impressive for that low of a price.


This is another way that the Konica Minolta copier company strives to put their customers first, by not taking advantage of them through inappropiate prices. These digital copiers are also known for their notable image quality, an essential feature for those who find copying to be a mandatory part of their business.


If there is a drawback to the Konica Minolta brand, it is the low resolution. For digital copiers in this price range and category, the resolution is poor and unimpressive. However, if your business does not rely on printing excellent pictures, you shouldn’t find this to be much of a problem.


That aside, Konica Minolta has proved itself to be one of the prominent digital copier brands, as well as a dependable service overall.


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