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Mitel has become one of the leading brand names in VOIP business phones. They pride themselves on offering a wide variety of phone types, from basic, affordable systems for low-budget businesses to advanced, sophisticated systems for larger companies. Their selection of MyVoice business phones provide a modern system for any size of business with a large quantity of available features to enhance the phone performance. Mitel was launched in 1972, after their founders were unsuccessful in starting a lawnmower company. In 1981, they achieved the 100 million dollar annual revenue mark, and they still continue to grow today. They are a pioneer in the Cloud Communications market, taking steps towards becoming one of the largest VOIP providers available. Oxne of the first things we look for in a VOIP provider is good customer service, and Mitel has good reviews for this. When compared with Nextiva or RingCentral, all three providers offer phone support and online support, but Mitel does not offer video tutorials, which some businesses find helpful. Mitel phone services are fairly straightforward. There are different services, but for each one there are no “add-ons” or premium versions of that service. However, it’s almost impossible to get an idea of what the price will be for your business, without getting a quote. The cost varies so much from one situation to another, that they must find a service that will exactly fit your needs. Getting quotes from providers is what we can help you with. Also, because the service fit is so specific, Mitel does not offer a free trial. This can be daunting for businesses who aren’t sure and may not want to commit to a full contract yet. Some of them find it to be a good decision, however, for the feature-rich service that Mitel provides. Nextiva does not offer some of the features Mitel does, but we recommend going through the lists of features provided by each provider, to make sure that you’ll have access to what you need. Several feature available through RingCentral are not available through Mitel and vice versa. Mitel is committed to finding solutions for increased ease of use and service value. For businesses large and small, the cost of these systems may be more than that of other providers, but if the service quality and features fit you, then it will be worth it.


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