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Nextiva has distinguished itself as a leading provider for VOIP phone systems. This U.S. based company has been serving businesses since 2008, and now serves more than 100,000 businesses across the country. With their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, their mission is to become lead the market for unified communication for businesses, stressing the importance of customer service and support. When compared with RingCentral, Nextiva prices are better and more affordable for large businesses. Their systems are slightly more difficult to operate, but their customer support exceeds expectations. The RingCentral system user interface is definitely more welcoming than that of the Nextiva brand, especially to a beginning consumer. Still, the importance of good quality customer service outweighs the drawbacks of the system. The customer service of Nextiva and Vonage are very comparable. There are other advantages to the Nextiva brand like the absence of a contract or activation fee, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Their app comes with great features, and the system performs well overall. However, consumers are required to pay an additional fee every month for mobile service, and there is no free Nextiva trial available. Every Nextiva plan includes unlimited calling and faxing, unlimited long distance, caller ID, intercom, call forwarding, call waiting, 100% US-based customer support, and more. Many features are available with standard plans, but call queuing and conference calling require more advanced plans. There are additional costs for international calling as well, and Nextiva business phone systems do not operate with as many devices as other brands, which could also be a downside. Nextiva offers cloud-based or self-hosted systems, whichever would suit your businesses needs and help you to be more efficient. Altogether, Nextiva is a great business phone provider choice for businesses of any size, with fair pricing and constant, quality customer support.


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