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Ooma Office has often been ranked as one of the top VOIP providers. Experts have especially recommended this system for small businesses. This is because it allows many small companies the benefit of a convenient, professional VOIP system, while staying within a small budget. Ooma provides a great quality service, which has been praised equally with that of RingCentral, another high-end VOIP provider. The price of this business phone system is reasonable for the service provided, but there is also an adapter device that customers are required to purchase. Some small business employees have complained that purchasing this adapter makes the upfront cost for Ooma Office too much. However, the standard monthly rates that continue after that purchase provide you with a machine with impressive sound quality, even when compared with other top brands. The maximum amount of lines one can use through the Ooma Office system is twenty, which again favors businesses that are smaller and would need it for less. Another one of the complaints that comes in against this provider is that they lack some of the features you’d get with another service. They offer many standard options, including an automated receptionist, extension dialing, call logs, hold music, ring groups and call transfering. Still, when compared with Vonage or RingCentral, Ooma Office comes in with notably less features and add-ons that some enterprises find useful. Other small businesses will consider those “bells and whistles” completely unnecessary, in which case the price will persuade them to seriously consider Ooma Office. Another point in favor of this system, is that they don’t lock you into a contract, so those of you who are not sure about VOIP, or about this provider specifically, will rest easy knowing that the service can be terminated if necessary. After you have purchased the adapter, the system takes around twenty minutes to set-up. Ooma has made sure that with the help of their staff installing a new system is painless for the customer. Again, this provider is especially recommended for small businesses as a simple, reliable, low cost system.


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