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The Ricoh copier brand is often ranked as one of the top digital copier companies, beside Canon and Sharp for energy efficiency and print quality.


Ricoh was originally a Japanese company, but is now selling around the globe. They entered the office copier industry in 1955 with the launch of the Ricopy 101, which created a larger demand for their first manufactured product, sensitized paper. Then, in April of 1987, Ricoh Corporation was founded in the US.


Ricoh has stayed current, releasing better, more advanced printers all the way up to their first 3D printer, released in October of 2015. This brand is famous for their gel-based printers, which decrease clogging possibilities and deliver a better flow of ink onto the paper. These printers contain larger nozzles than those of an Epson printer, but are still more cost-efficient, using less ink per inch of the paper.


Ricoh has a good reputation for creating simple copiers that can be operated fairly easily without professional support. Unfortunately this brand has also received reviews pointing to the slightly complex inner layout of these copiers, which made it more difficult to remove paper jams. If you have a printer that jams often, you may end up having to call in tech support to help.


On the opposite hand, Ricoh has repeatedly satisfied its customers with reliable machines that last for a long time without needing repairs or replacement parts.


When compared to Canon, Ricoh doesn’t quite match up to the ability of Canon copiers to create excellent color images. Still, Ricoh offers products for less money, that are good for small businesses, and businesses that require good copier performance, without the high quality images that make Canon copiers so much more expensive.


If you’d like to purchase a Ricoh copy machine, a good way to start is by checking out what others are saying about the models you’re looking at. Ricoh copier reviews are known to have a wide range of results, from highly recommending the printer, to regretting the purchase.


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