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RingCentral has been ranked as one of the top VOIP phone system providers, up there next to Nextiva, Vonage, and 8×8. They became a provider in 2003, and they have excelled as a VOIP business altogether. Unfortunately, they do not excel in every category. Number one, RingCentral provides their consumer good-quality customer service, but when stacked up against providers like Nextiva and Mitel, their support, particularly for small businesses, is slightly lacking. Customer service is one of the most important things for us when we’re researching current VOIP providers, and RingCentral has a great reputation for the US-based portion of its support system, but this is only provided for larger clients. In all the ways RingCentral stands out amongst other providers, it’s a little harsh to criticise its quality of customer service, which is overall satisfactory. Number two, the RingCentral’s pricing is usually higher than that of other providers. In fact, it can be difficult to find a price more comparable to others without getting locked into a full year contract. Month to month payments, and payments for clients with less than twenty users are more expensive. Still, there are multiple ways RingCentral has earned the reputation it has among providers. One of the biggest reasons is the ease of use. The RingCentral interface is clean and straightforward, making it easily navigated by a person with little experience with VOIP systems. The setting up of other providers can be complicated, but RingCentral makes sure that the process is clear and painless with its instructional videos. They have all the features you’ll need to get started, and more that will be useful as you become more accustomed to the system. One of these is an advanced mobile app, with a menu of call tools that pops up whenever a call is made, allowing you to have tools like call recording and call transferring available at any time. Altogether, the RingCentral VOIP provider is an excellent choice, but it is especially recommended for large businesses, because of its pricing and favorable conditions for larger clients.


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