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The Sharp copier brand provides fully functioning digital copiers, but at a price within the budget of small businesses.

In the 1960s, the Hayakawa Electric Industry Company officially became Sharp Corporation. Shortly after, in 1972, Sharp entered the photocopier business. They’ve grown to become a prominent name in the digital copier industry worldwide.

They’re well known for their cost-efficient multi-function printers as well as their excellent customer service. When compared with the Konica Minolta copier brand, Sharp copiers run more smoothly and with less noise, although Konica Minolta copiers are often a little easier to operate. The Sharp copier brand nears Canon in production quality, but costs far less. For this reason, it may still be preferable for bigger businesses, which require a large amount of printing and copying, to buy a Canon copier for the superior quality. However, for small businesses which may not have it in the budget to purchase a Canon copier, you can get a Sharp copy machine that does a very similar job for much less.

Another nice thing about the Sharp copier brand, is that their copiers can usually work with a wide selection of paper types. Unfortunately, there have been multiple cases involving problems with a Sharp copiers connectivity or network. Digital copiers purchased from Sharp often consume less energy than competing brands and take less time to warm up. They also have a handy automatic shutdown feature which can be accessed if needed.

Sharp as a company has had a vision of shaping the future through new ideas since their founder’s invention of the “Ever Sharp” mechanical retractable pencil in 1915. Besides this, one of their main focuses is acting responsibly towards our Earth’s environment. They strive to create eco-friendly products that won’t harm that environment.

All in all, if you are thinking of purchasing a Sharp copier, keep in mind that the quality of the prints may not be quite that of other similar brands. However, we highly recommend this brand for it’s cost-effectiveness and the simple, easy to operate design.


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