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Vonage has been given a high ranking among VOIP providers, similar in quality to RingCentral, Ooma, and even Nextiva. Vonage has been an innovative VOIP company since the very beginning. In 2003 they were the first company to offer a VOIP platform for 911 calls, and in 2004 Vonage and Circuit City were the first to offer VOIP services in retail stores across the nation. Today they continue to improve their tech, including the release of a mobile Vonage app that functions on a phone or a smart watch. Support for your VOIP system is available for 12 hours on weekdays, and they’re always there for emergency support at other hours when someone needs it. Vonage offers many desirable call features, but most come with an additional cost. Call grouping, call queueing, and internet faxing are all features that can be added onto the standard plan. Although they charge extra for features, they provide a portable adapter device for free with your plan. Vonage customers can get a free app for mobile phones, which gives you the option of accessing your system from anywhere. Vonage offers some top of the line new features for it’s customers. A virtual receptionist, one of the most popular additions, is an automated call attendant that can be used for several different purposes to create simple paths for each type of customer to get ahold of the correct department of your business. Another popular feature is the ability to fax without paper. This allows you to send and receive faxes at your desk or with your mobile. Not only will it save you time, it will also save you the money you would have spent on paper and ink with a regular fax machine. Although Vonage targets medium to large businesses as well, they mainly focus on hosted systems for small businesses. So, for small businesses especially, Vonage is highly recommended for their reasonable pricing and great ease of use.


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