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This digital copier company was founded in 1906, but it didn’t officially become Xerox Corporation until the name was changed in 1961. Now Xerox has become a huge business, with over 130,000 employees. Beginning with the Haloid Xerox 914, Xerox has proceeded to become one of the top copier companies of today. They now serve in 160 countries across the globe. Xerox as a brand is known for the durability of its printers, which have upgrading abilities to increase their functioning abilities. These machines are built with great paper handling. Their excellent quality leads them to be one of the more expensive brands, but they provide a reliable product. Copiers from xerox vary from small to large, each one made for a certain size of business. If necessary, they can be purchased with a wide range of extra features, from automatic stapling to Wi-Fi connections. Xerox produces printers with the capacity to print larger pieces of paper, and hold more paper at a time. If your business is interested in purchasing a Xerox copier, you can find one that will suit your paper size needs. Xerox is a good brand for small businesses who only need a small, reliable copier and for large businesses that want something that will be able to perform multiple tasks. However, it may not be one for businesses looking to purchase something simple at a very low cost. Xerox has been ranked well along with Konica Minolta and Ricoh for impressive production printers with good speeds and color quality. Altogether, this brand has enjoyed an excellent reputation for its product. One plus that many customers point out after getting a Xerox copier is how quietly they perform. These copiers have little difficulty continuing a project in an area with an unstable power source. Unfortunately there is an area of the Xerox brand with low quality. The customer service department has received several complaints for its lack of effectiveness. The great product that Xerox creates is contrasted with its difficult help and support.


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